Kalos Journal

1st Entry

It was a strange last few days. I had initially planned to break in the evening from praying to search for Gaedren Lamm a few nights ago. But time slipped away from me and I found that I had been praying throughout the night. After that, I stumbled home exhausted, collapsed into my bed and slept the entire day away. Perhaps Apsu had a need for me which is why I didn’t notice the note stuffed into my boot which pointed to Lamm’s whereabouts.

When I woke up, it was the middle of the night and to city was under panic. Rioters clamored on the streets while hurting others or burning buildings. The building next to my apartment was on fire, so I quickly gathered my things and made sure everyone else in the building got out before it caught fire.

It turns out that King Eodred II died in the middle of the night and many of the rioters believed that it was the young queen which murdered him. I do not know if that is truth, but I do know that the city became quite dangerous. I donned my armor, slung my bag over my shoulder, and headed out to ensure that someone would help the citizenry.

Perhaps I was too ambitious, but I was eventually beset upon by a group of Imps. Such vile creatures. I am glad that Korvosa also has many Pseudodragons to help keep their evil mechanisms at bay, but there I was that day, in a fight against four of them. Luckily, an odd group consisting of a well-dressed halfling sailor, a Harrow reading woman, and a tengu monk whose robe covered him from head to toe came upon my unfortunate situation.

I was unsure of their intentions as my concern was that they were rioters or looters with no intention to help. But my fears were quickly squashed when they aided me in my fight against the imps.

It was my first real fight with my blades, and unfortunately, my inexperience showed. I did not land a single hit against the imps, nor did I fend them completely off. I was hit a number of times and was poisoned with a debilitating venom which slowed my reaction time. Luckily, if it weren’t for the friendly group of adventurers and the Pseudodragons, I’m sure that the imps would have had their way with me.

The Psuedodragons were amazing, by the way. Not only did they help defeat the Imps, they also showed me the cruelty of the city guard in their actions against the tiny dragons. They also understood me and resisted attacking the guards when I cried out for them to desist. They are good creatures.

This group of adventurers, Hodge, Wren, and Penumbra, happened to have killed Lamm the night before, feeding him to his own alligator. Initially I was upset that I did not get a chance to confront him. But my fears were sated after I found out more of the truth from some of Lamm’s men they captured. According to them under a zone of truth, the ring was stolen from someone who killed my mother; Lamm had nothing to do with her death. I have a lead to my mother’s killer now, I must look for more of Gaedren’s Little Lamms: Bull(?) and Beetle.

On a regrettable note, I realized that I was too self centered and did not realize that I was being a bad brother and caretaker. Julie and Tonya both left the boarding school which I had put them in and had taken up with Lamm. At first, I was irate. But then I learned that they had eventually gone to the temple of Sarenrae where they have taken up a religious education. It would seem as though they might have matured from their pranks and reformed. I asked for their forgiveness, and they gave it willingly. I am much happier now.

2nd Entry

Unbelievably fortunate to be with this group as we were given an audience with Queen Ileosa so soon after the kings death. We had apparently made such an impression that she asked us to take on more responsibility by helping the Korvosan Guard out with issues that come up in town. This is perfect for me as it now gives me the authority and responsibility of helping those that look upon the Guard for help the Guard can’t provide.

After our audience with her Grace, we were given an assignment to find out more about a group of squatters in the North Point district. We decided to eat dinner at a very expensive restaurant, though we didn’t realize it was so expensive when we first went there. It was an amazing dinner, but it ended up costing two hundred gold! The most beneficial part of the dinner was meeting our waitress Sarah. She… showed some interest in me and it turns out that we ended up spending the night together.

Sarah is really nice and am surprised she shows an interest in me. I hope we can explore more of this new thing we have together. I’m having a lot of fun!

The next few days we geared up, I bought a very nice quarterstaff and dedicated it to Apsu. Through insistence by other members of our party, I bought a fine chain shirt so I could be quieter when attempting to sneak around, which would certainly help with the plan we had going forward to deal with Verik Vancaskerkin and his gang.

I think Verik Vancaskerkin deserves to die. The abominal act that I believe he’s contributed to should outright his execution swiftly and immediately. He may deny he ever knew about what his gang was doing, but now he must answer for their activities. They were passing human flesh of as meat to Korvosan citizens! Such an evil and heinous act that makes his life forfeit to most god-fearing people.

Kalos Journal

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