Curse of the Crimson Throne

Haunted Fortunes

Justice is Done

Hodge, Penumbra and Wren each receive a mysterious letter invitation to the Gilded Butterfly (Tarot Card Reading Service) at sunset. Hodge and Wren notice each other at the Creaky Hammock, and decide to spend the day together, eating and casing the Gilded Butterfly. Having seen no one enter or exit the shop all day, Hodge and Wren try the front door (locked) and peak through windows into a dark lower level.

At sunset, Hodge and Wren try the door again, and find it unlocked. They enter, and a silent Penumbra drops behind the duo and follows. His sudden presence, when noticed, causes Wren to stumble backward and refer to him as “Creepy” for the rest of the evening.

The group is approached by Zellara, a fortune teller whose son had been murdered by Gaedren Lamm. She tells the threesome everything she knows and sends them forth to dole out justice at an old, abandoned fishery.

Upon arriving, Hodge finds a boarded-over door he can break into, and the three enter an empty bunkroom. As they explore the fishery, the group manages to knock out Yargin Balko, Gaedren’s right-hand man, accomplice and accountant. Penumbra scares Hookshanks Gruller (the gnome taskmaster in charge of the Little Lamb’s daily chores) so much that he stumbles off a ledge and is knocked unconscious. The group must enter hand-to-hand combat with Giggles, a half-orc thug watching over the rest of the child workers.

Tsaba, Wren’s missing niece, is among the Little Lambs. Wren instructs the children to wait in a safe corner of the fishery while the threesome slips below to search for Gaedren.

And there he was! The group catches Gaedren as he was sorting through piles of confiscated goods and preparing them for fencing. His pet alligator, Gobblegut, attempts to bite the would-be adventurers as they try to circle around a large opening in the floor. Hodge, Penumbra and Wren focus their efforts on Gaedren, and are rewarded with his demise. They throw his body to the alligator, whom they then kill.

In Gaedren’s filthy bedroom, Penumbra find Zellara’s rotting head in a hat box. Beneath the stump of her neck is a small wooden box containing her Harrow deck. When Wren announces that she wants to keep the old, hand-painted deck, Zellara’s spirit appears. She asks for her head to be buried beside her son’s body in the Gray Ward cemetery and vows to help the party as much as she is able.

The group turns over Yargin and Hookshanks to the Korvosan Guard, along with 4 Little Lambs who know where their parents are. The Guard will return them to their parents as quickly as possible, and keep them safe in the meantime. Tsaba and 3 other children travel with the group to a local inn for the night. The oldest child asks to be placed in a city orphanage, where he can get training to join the Guard. The two little girls ask to find foster families, and Wren and Penumbra agree to take them to Desna’s shrine in the morning to see if the cleric can help with this task. Hodge – not accustomed to sleeping in beds – returns to the Creaky Hammock for the evening. All three agree to meet around noon at the Citadel to relate their story and speak with someone “higher up.”

Earned XP: 1,055
Story XP: 1,800/3
Total XP per PC: 1,655

From Yargin: Wand of acid splash (28 charges), 3 vials (unknown), 2 tanglefoot bags, thunderstone, 6 crossbow bolts, garnet amulet (100 gp)

Fishery cabinet: 4 small pouches (50 cp each), 2 small pouches (50 sp each)

From Gaedren Lamm: MW dagger, MW hand crossbow, 8 crossbow bolts, teak cigar case inlaid with bits of jade (25 gp), 20-lb gold ingot with Cheliax coat of arms (100 gp), miniature gold crown (350 gp), fist-sized scrimshaw carving of a kraken w/garnet for eyes (200 gp), silver ring (150 gp), ivory figurine of two entwined succubi (450 gp), MW shuriken, adamantine arrowhead, abalone-shell holy symbol of Shelyn (300 gp), glass tube containing oil of keen edge, an obsidian wand of magic missile (23 charges), decorative crystalline vial containing silversheen, bejeweled brooch w/broken clasp belonging to queen, and Zellara’s Harrow Deck.


Keema Keema

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