Sabina Merrin

The Queen's Bodyguard


A beautiful, highly trained woman dressed in full body armor.


Sabina_Merrin_Full.jpgSabina Merrin is the personal bodyguard of Queen Ileosa Arabasti of Korvosa.

Sabina received her martial training from one of Korvosa’s most famous warriors: the weapons master Vencarlo Orisini. Thanks to a conflict with Vencarlo, engineered by another of Orisini’s student, Grau Soldado, Sabina eventually left the school, after a fierce duel with the master left her with a nasty scar on the cheek.

After leaving the school, Sabina entered the Korvosan Guard, where she quickly climbed the ranks. It was while serving in the Guard that she caught the Queen’s eye, who soon had Sabina made her personal bodyguard and handmaiden. Sabina idolized the young queen for her strength and ambition, and seems to aspire to lead the Queen’s army. Rumors among the commoners suggest the relationship with the Queen may be more intimate than is acceptable, and Sabina is rarely seen far from the Queen’s side.

Sabina Merrin

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