Fortune Teller


Zellara is a Varisian woman who, a year ago, lost her only son to Gaedren Lamm. After her Harrow deck (her only source of income and an heirloom handed down to her by her mother) was pickpocketed by one of Lamm’s Little Lambs, Zellara’s son Eran took it upon himself to get back the deck. He was murdered by Gaedren’s tugs and his head and hands were returned to Zellara in a box as a gift … and threat.

Zellara went to the Korvosan Guard, but they had little additional time or resources to devote to Lamm. The Guard told her, “We know he’s trouble, and we’re doing the best we can to find him — sorry for your loss, but that’s all we can do for you now.”

Frustrated, desperate and harboring a growing need for revenge, Zellara took it upon herself to track down Lamm, drawing upon the Harrow’s divinations for aid. Her latent magical skill, combined with her persistence and obsession, unfortunately gave her results. She discovered the location of Gaedren’s current hideout, but was herself seen. Gaedren’s thugs grabbed her and brought her below the old fishery to stand tall before the master. Old Lamm was impressed that she went through so much trouble, but when she spat on him and cursed him, his anger got the better of him and he ordered her killed. Her body he fed to his alligator, but he saved her head and kept it in a box in his lair alongside her stolen, bloodstained cards.


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