Wren Barasali

Varisian traveler


A classic Varisian, 26-year-old Wren has glossy black hair worn beneath a bandanna and lavender eyes that shine brightly beneath a fringe of thick, black eyelashes. She stands at 5’4" and is a lovely human beauty. To passersby, she might just be another pretty face … until she enters a conversation and betrays her high intelligence and love of Tarot cards.


Wren is a classic Varisian. When the family was in town trading, her niece disappeared while in the marketplace with her. The rest of the family has moved on but she has stayed behind to find her – the implication is that she’s not welcome back with the family until she does, and she thinks that is fair.

Wren saw her parents (Renada and Vaden) killed when she was only 5-years-old in a violent attack by bandits. She has pursued her combat skills partly in reaction to this trauma.

She and her elder brother (Kruno) were raised by the greater family, including her aunt and uncle (Elana and Micho) who are like parents to her. Tsaba is the youngest child of Kruno. Wren thinks of Tsaba as a little sister.

Wren has a close relationship with Desna. Wren dreams one day of recovering one of the fabled lost harrow cards. She loves the open road (and isn’t thrilled at being stuck in a city) but luck is very important. She’s chosen to pursue a kind of magic that very much depends on the luck of the draw.

Wren has a older, mundane harrower mentor in her family, Lydianna. She’s not sure exactly how much older Lydianna or how they are even related, but she’s the one who inspired Wren to become a card caster when she discovered that she also had some magical ability. Wren longs for a deck of her own and also misses her training with Lydianna while she’s on her quest. Wren believes the harrow was a gift to the Varisians from Desna, and it’s part of her relationship with her goddess.

Wren has traveled with her family through Lastwall, Nirmathas, Nidal, and Cheliax. They’ve done this loop 4 times that she remembers. They sometimes stay longer in Lastwall, but don’t have one place that is home. Her aunt’s generation speaks of travels along the Inner Sea through Andoran, but Wren has never been. Lydianna will sometimes tell tales of Ustalav, but it’s not clear if she was actually there or not.

The family has continued without her from Korvosa on to Riddleport. The family’s stock in trade is spices, herbs, and cures, most real to the best of their knowledge. They buy where things are plentiful and sell where they are not. Wren has little interest in the herbs and acts more as magical muscle for the family when things get rough, although no one took her as seriously as she took herself. That’s how she got stuck with babysitting duty. It really sticks in her craw that she failed at that simple task, and she misses her niece too.

Her niece, Tsaba, is seven – a willful, very smart, tricky little creature who always wanted to be treated older than she was. She is the favored child of the family. Wren swears she disappeared between one moment and the next, and she’s been gone almost 2 months now. Her family left two weeks ago, giving up on official channels and leaving Wren behind to pursue less official means of finding Tsaba.

Wren Barasali

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