Queen Ileosa

Queen of Korvosa


Young, headstrong ruler of Korvosa. Strikingly beautiful redhead.


A bitter, cruel woman, Queen Ileosa only came to Korvosa from Cheliax to seduce and marry King Eodred II, in order to gain the lofty royal title she now holds. As the two of them have produced no children, should the king die, Ileosa gains the Crimson Throne. Ileosa appears to have mixed feelings about this arrangement: she would be a queen, yes, but of a city she openly despises, calling Korvosa a “backwater colonial village.”

The queen has no obvious friends among the nobles and elites of Korvosa, and some of the city’s most respected institutions (such as the Sable Company and the Acadamae) seem to pay her only minimal respect and otherwise ignore her. Many of the noble houses profess to support her, but there is little evidence to support those statements.

Queen Ileosa

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